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Do you want to contribute with professional posts on the knowledge square?


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You now have the opportunity to present projects in research, administration or technology at Kunnskapstorget at HavExpo.

The post can be 12 minutes followed by questions from the audience.

The deadline for submitting submissions is 31 March.

Suggestions for posts are sent to: 

Tor Solberg 


+47 916 34 053

The knowledge square is managed by a committee: 

Tor Solberg, committee chairman, aqKva AS 

Mari Moren, head of research at Nofima 

Einar Bye-Ingebrigtsen, researcher Norce 

Solveig Holm, project manager NCE Seafood 

Rune Waagbø, Director of the Institute of Marine Research 

Tore Hovland, fish health biologist 

In the event of "overbooking", the committee will prioritize between the posts. 

The following theme list has been prepared as a source of inspiration for posts:

National management of marine resources and the common area of the common 

  • Taxation of wild fish, mesopelagic and lower trophic levels 
  • National strategy for restructuring and growth in aquaculture 
  • Time-limited environmental licenses. 
  • Traffic light system, audit, assessment from foreign expert group 
  • Revision of NS9417 - environmental standards for future aquaculture 
  • Battle for land / coexistence, offshore wind turbines, offshore aquaculture, fishing, traffic 
  • Status and consequences revised taxonomy from the EU, PEF Product Environmental Footprint 

Marine resources and environmental footprint 

  • Limited wild resources 
  • Mesopelagic fish and lower trophic level 
  • The pre-raw materials of the future 
  • Residual raw material 
  • New species in farming 
  • Collection and utilization of sludge from aquaculture 
  • Industrial biotechnology, processing of unused raw materials in food production 
  • Environmental footprint, trawling, emissions, bottom conditions, wild salmonids, plastic 
  • Marine habitat conservation 

Fish health and welfare 

  • Digitization / automated health monitoring 
  • ISA management and control plan 
  • Restructuring - measures to improve fish health and welfare 
  • Cleaning fish and welfare 
  • Welfare live capture, minimum size and screening 
  • Positive innovations in the area 

Technology and digitization 

  • Closed production, land-based and at sea 
  • AquaCloud - the potential of digital data sharing 
  • Electrification and CO2 effect 
  • Enabling technologies fishing and aquaculture for green shift 

Economy and circular economy 

  • Resource management and economics 
  • Circular economic business models and interactions across industries 
  • Tax policy and investment needs 


  • Product quality, grading and pricing 
  • Processing and market access 
  • World, EU, Brexit 


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