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Create a good meeting place

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- It costs to attend a trade fair, so make sure you get the most out of your investment. It's about creating a good meeting place.

This is what the general manager of the Southwest Agency, Bernt Hilmar Jacobsen, says. He has worked with design and concept for trade fair stands for over 15 years, and participated in countless trade fairs at home and abroad. Experience means that he has some simple advice for you who are planning a stand at HavExpo.

-The most important thing is to pique curiosity. Give a good impression that makes the guests stop and stop by your stand, he says.

Right people

Jacobsen emphasizes that visitors must feel seen and welcomed. 

-Nothing is sadder than a stand where those present sit with their backs to and look into the mobile. You have to have the right people at work, those who are "on", and who are good at getting in touch, he says. And advise to think through what people and resources the company has available, and who can do a good job at a trade fair.

-It is personal, and it is wise to staff the stand with those who are a little outgoing and fearless, and who like to tell about products and services. 

Design and concept

To get a good stand, it is important to have a clear and distinct message. 

-Perhaps something that stands out. Make sure your stand has a thoughtful design and a holistic concept. Do not design the stand as a brochure, people do not come to a trade fair to stand and read on a wall. Take advantage of the potential of a trade fair as a meeting place, make guests curious and invite them in, he advises. And have a simple advice in the end.

-Make sure your stand is neat and nice. Do not give a messy impression of your company. Use the back room to hide your stress suitcase, jacket and laptop, instead of letting it disturb the impression guests get of a nice stand. 

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