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Top up at Kunnskapstorget

Tor Solberg

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- Short lectures of 12 minutes make it easy to drop by and get what you want. I hope many people take the opportunity to provide professional input on exciting topics, says Tor Solberg.

It has been free to submit proposals for posts on Kunnskapstorget. A program committee has been responsible for assessing and organizing the posts. 

-Emphasis has been placed on inviting research institutions and administration to Kunnskapstorget. They set the agenda themselves, and we have encouraged them to provide input on topics to be discussed, says Solberg. The sea city of Bergen is the headquarters for many of the large fish farming companies, suppliers, research and administration, and Solberg hopes that the various players use the opportunity for professional replenishment and discussion.

-And then it is especially nice if also those who work in the companies and are "hands on" in the production take the trip to the conference.

The raw material situation

The conference runs over three days, and has a packed program. One of the topics is the raw material situation for feed producers.

-Feed is the largest daily input factor in salmon farming, and access to raw materials and sustainable raw materials has long been discussed. The war in Ukraine creates new challenges, and makes this extra relevant, says Solberg. At the conference, there will be presentations on alternative raw material sources, such as algae and smaller crustaceans, other fish species, such as mesopelagic fish, and raw materials that can be produced biotechnologically.

-A big question is genetically modified raw materials (GMOs), which are virtually banned in Norway, but which prove to be quite effective, both economically and climatically. A separate discussion panel will address GMOs in aquaculture, both in terms of feed raw materials and the salmon itself, says Solberg.

New give for new species 

There will also be a big session about new species in farming.

-There have previously been attempts at farming of other species in Norwegian fish farming, without it having had the big effects, and now there is a new lease of life. There will be lectures on cod farming, but also halibut, catfish, and sea sausage, which are potential new species with us. 

Fish health report

Solberg says that the Veterinary Institute will review the recently published Fish Health Report during the conference.

-They will have extended speaking time to present what will govern the management of fish health and welfare in the future. There will also be a discussion panel on the fish health report, he says. There will be several lectures on fish health and welfare, and during the three conference days there will also be several presentations on circular economy and the environment. A full overview of all lectures and the conference program can be found here.

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