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About HavExpo

HavExpo is a new international fair for Norwegian aquaculture and fisheries. HavExpo will be held in May 2024. The fair, which runs over three effective days, will showcase the marine industries in a quick and informative way. There will also be exciting lectures and seminars.

The organizer of the fair is HavExpo AS, which is a company owned by Sotra Sportsklubb and AqKva AS.


Straume Idrettspark is located at Straume on Sotra and consists of 3 halls:

Hall A - The football hall 7,900 sqm
Hall B and C - Sotra Arena 9,900 sqm
Hall D - Gym 7,500 sqm

Since 2014, the area has been used for four annual fairs: OTD (oil fair), Norway's largest car fair, Dra til Sjøs and Boligmessen.

The exhibition area is compact, and the entire exhibitor area is divided into only 2 large halls. This gives both exhibitors and visitors a good overview and easy navigation without long hallways and corridors.

The large space by hall A is used for both the exhibition area and catering - and on a sunny day it's like sitting by the sea and enjoying life. If we get a little moisture in the air, we just pull in under one of the large catering tents.

In 2024, we will move the registration area to Hall C.
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