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HavExpo Kunnskapstorget

The two conferences focus on news from research and administration (Kunnskapstorget) and Innovation and technology, respectively.

The posts on Kunnskapstorget take place in room D2

Kunnskapstorget has its own program committee:

Tor Solberg, committee chairman, AqKva AS

Mari Moren, head of research at Nofima

Einar Bye-Ingebrigtsen, researcher Norce

Solveig Holm, project manager NCE Seafoodinnovation

Rune Waagbø, Director of the Institute of Marine Research

Tore Hovland, fish health biologist

Conference program 10 May Kunnskapstorget

Conference program 11 May Kunnskapstorget

Conference program 12 May Kunnskapstorget