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Tips for ordering stand equipment

-"A planned stand is a successful stand. My best advice is to spend time planning, and not least to book before the deadline of April 5," says Tom Ingebrigtsen of Bergen Expo.

The weeks go fast towards May and trade fair, and the deadline for ordering equipment for the stand is approaching.

-We know from experience that there are many latecomers. We want as many people as possible to order as soon as possible. You get a better result if you plan well, with products tailored to your needs. We manage to solve a lot on the kick, even after the deadline, but then you have to settle for what is left. If you are out in good time, you can pick and choose in a large assortment, and shrug your shoulders and start planning the actual trade fair participation, says Ingebrigtsen.

He says that they have good aids for ordering in the online store , including 3D sketches of standard condition. A standard stand is 9, 12 or 15 m 2 , and is also available in a premium version. 

-If you choose a standard package, everything is ready, and you do not have to think about anything. The exception is electricity, which must be ordered in addition. The standard package is a perfect solution for most people, says Ingebrigtsen. 

He has some tips for you to order: 

  • Plan well. Imagine what the stand should look like, and think that it should have a stopping effect. Everyone is fighting for the same guests, so make sure that as many people as possible choose to stop right by you. 
  • Go through the sketch and plan for the stand, and make sure you have everything you need. Then you avoid extra cost with things that must be ordered after the deadline.
  • Remember to order electricity. It is not included in the stand, and must be ordered together with other equipment.
  • There is wireless internet throughout the hall, and only those who need wired internet up to the stand need to order this. 
  • You give a more holistic impression if you think about who you are and how you want to appear to the outside world. The color of the rug should, for example, be in the style of your company profile. 
  • Order equipment for your stand before April 5 and double-check that you have everything you need. That way, you can avoid stress shortly before the fair and focus on what you need to tell the customers you're going to meet.

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